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How To Effectively Use PLR Content

… For Your Blog or Your Business

If you want to use PLR content for your business or blog there are a few steps that you should take prior to publishing.  First, you should ensure that you have quality content, that you have rewritten all old content, all out-of-date content has been freshened up with current information, converting your leads to actual customers.

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Keeping Readers Engaged

Keeping your readers engaged is important when using PLR on your blog or for your business.  Keeping your readers engaged is important to help your blog or the website itself grow.  I have listed a few ways to hopefully keep the interest going on your blog or your website.

The PLR Podcast

The easiest and fastest way to engage your readers is by having them interact with you.  The best to do this for you is to reach out and touch them with your voice by way of a Podcast.  The Podcast is best because there are so many different avenues you can use to spread the word about your Podcast.  The Podcast will allow you to speak directly to your audience, and it gives you the opportunity to show your knowledge.  You can use this to build your authority.

The PLR Freebie

Offering Incentives is another good way to keep your readers interested.  Offering something free in exchange for them signing up for your email list or newsletter or purchasing a product.  Something as simple as a tripwire will draw your readers into your funnel and ultimately lead to a sale.  A free course or contest such as a challenge is a really big draw.  Use PLR content for these offers that can be promoted on social media, as well as in your newsletter.

Having a solid writing schedule will also help you your readers engaged. Delivering your new posts on a regular basis builds consistency.  This will increase traffic and blog audience.

Use PLR Content for Converting Leads

Conversion is everything when it comes to building your email lists and selling your products.  So, it goes without saying that you not only need traffic but you also need to get your visitors to sign up for your list.  Your lead magnet plays a large role in making this happen.  Use PLR content for your lead magnets to draw your subscribers to your mailing lists.

The best way to create a lead magnet is to write something that your readers will want to read. You could also add images, videos, and other details to the text. This is a powerful tool that can help you expand your business and increase your profits.

It isn't always easy to come up with fresh ideas for your blog. But PLR content can help you start a new topic quickly.

With PLR content, you don't have to spend countless hours writing articles. Instead, you can find a variety of pre-written content for many different niches. These pieces can be used to build an email list, create an online store, or launch a webinar.

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Finding Quality PLR Content

Quality PLR content is everything.  When you decide to use PLR content for your blog or for your website it is important that your source is a quality source.  Most PLR writers will offer a sample of their work.  There should be customer reviews.  You can also ask for referrals to speak with past buyers about their work.  PLR is in abundance on the Internet.  Finding a reputable source is the key.   There are quite a few of them out there.

The PLR Article

Probably the most popular type of PLR is the PLR article.  These are great for a variety of reasons.  You can turn them into several types of PLR to make them useful in many ways.  They are also great for sharing on blogs and websites.  They can be turned into checklists, notes, mini-reports, and much more.  Their versatility allows for manipulation to fit into almost any niche.


Another PLR product that is a good way to boost your blogging efforts is the PLR blog. A PLR blog is a great way to break up the writing process and create more content for your readers. Creating a blog can be a time-consuming process, so using a PLR solution can be a huge time saver.

Some PLR content sites offer ridiculously low prices for PLR content. This means you can purchase high-quality, original content at a fraction of the cost of ghostwritten content.

Rewriting out-of-date PLR content

The most effective way to add fresh content to an old blog to is to rewrite out-of-date content.  This will create something new and fresh on your blog to share with your readers and will help to boost your SEO rankings.

When editing PLR please keep in mind a few things.

  1.  It is important that your authentic voice comes through in your writing.
  2. Tone is very important.  You want your structure and your tone to be very different from the original.
  3. Yes you want headings to stand out.  Make sure the headings are appropriate and flow with the work.  Then follow up with the SEO.  Linking to old posts is good. 
  4. It is always good to have a call to action.  Whether it’s a freebie or a paid product offer, an invitation to join your Facebook group, leaves your audience with something to do.  A video would be great which will also add to your content’s SEO benefits.
  5. You can slice in pieces of your Podcast also to keep it interesting.


You have many ways to use your PLR without it anyway becoming repetitive. There are many ways to keep it fresh and engaging.

If you need more ideas you can get my freebie here – How to Make Your PLR Unique.

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