June 27 – July 2

Are you ready to turn your passion for digital products into a profitable business? Have you been looking for an easy and affordable way to set up your own online store?

Look no further!

The Digital Dirt To Dollars Challenge is here to help you kick-start your journey to success.

In this exciting challenge, you will be guided through the step-by-step process of setting up your very own PLR (Private Label Rights) store using the popular Payhip platform. Best of all, we'll show you how to do it without spending a dime! With the help of the expert panel, you will be selling your digital products in no time.

Welcome! My name is Sharon and I'm delighted to be your hostess, and joining me is the phenomenal LaKisha Mosely. Together, we share a rich history in the realm of PLR (Private Label Rights). Our combined expertise and fervor have fueled our shared mission: revolutionizing the prevailing perceptions surrounding PLR. Stay tuned as we unravel the untapped potential and innovative avenues that PLR can offer. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

LaKisha, a remarkable figure who is co-hosting this challenge alongside Sharon, boasts an illustrious career in the realm of PLR. Not only that, but she is also a trailblazer in the fields of Events Planning and Mental Health. With her wealth of experience and dedication, she took a leap forward and founded the PLR for Profit Academy. This establishment exemplifies her commitment to harnessing the power of PLR and fostering innovation in both Events Planning and Mental Health. Her drive to make a meaningful impact is truly inspirational.

Here's what you'll learn during the Digital Dirt To Dollars Challenge:

1️⃣ Setting up your store: We'll walk you through the entire process of creating and customizing your PLR store on Payhip. You'll learn how to choose the perfect theme, set up your branding, and create a visually stunning store that attracts customers.

2️⃣ Payment system setup: We'll demystify the world of online payments and show you how to integrate a secure and reliable payment system into your store. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to hassle-free transactions!

3️⃣ Thank you page setup: Discover the power of a well-designed thank you page. We'll teach you how to create a personalized and engaging thank you page that not only shows appreciation to your customers but also encourages future purchases.

4️⃣ ChatGPT product descriptions: Want to make your product descriptions stand out? We've got you covered! Learn how to leverage the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT to generate compelling and persuasive product descriptions that captivate your audience.

5️⃣ Embedding your store: Already have a website? No problem! We'll show you how to seamlessly integrate your PLR store into your existing website, allowing you to leverage your current online presence and drive more traffic to your products.

Nat Silver

Graphic Artist

Nat is a talented graphic artist helping us with design

Pam Allen

Canva Expert

Pam is sharing mockups and templates

Petra Pearce

SEO Expert

Petra is bringing her extensive skillset of making SEO easy

Karen Casey

Systems Expert

Karen is the Systems Diva that will help us keep this all together

and then there are the Prizes and Bonuses:

Prize #1: Experience the privilege of a one-on-one session with me! We will work hand in hand to transform a PLR pack into tailored products that perfectly align with your unique niche. Seize this golden opportunity to tap into the potential of PLR and catapult your brand to new heights.

Prize # 2: Introducing a bespoke Done For You Journal – this gem features a one-of-a-kind journal cover that is truly unparalleled. The cover/photo is exclusively yours, ensuring that no one else will ever lay claim to the same design. Indulge in the luxury of owning a unique piece that's been crafted just for you.

and a Bonus Bag:

  • Mockup Templates
  • Product Description Templates
  • Banner Templates
  • PLR Packs
  • Keyword Packs
  • and much more

How do you get in on this deal?